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Love your morning walks, here are 10 things to be grateful for while you walk

10 things to be grateful for in morning walks


There is a reason we walk when we have nowhere to go.

It’s not to get somewhere else, but to be where we are.

To connect with the earth, to feel her pulse beneath our feet.

To breathe in the fresh air and let it out again as we go, releasing tension and pain along with it.

We walk to be in sync with nature, not just on top of her or in front of her but in harmony with her rhythms and cycles—the rising of the sun and setting of the moon, the growing seasons that bring forth new life but also take it away again in their own way. We walk because we are part of this world and it is part of us; we walk because our bodies are made for walking, designed by nature for movement across landscapes both familiar and strange. And when we step into those landscapes each day—whether it’s a familiar place or a new one—we’re reminded that our bodies belong here too: that there is no separation between ourselves and our surroundings after all; that if there is anything that separates us from these places then maybe it isn’t!

Along the way, we find a million things to be grateful for! Here are 10 things to be grateful for in your morning walks:

A beautiful sky

As you go on your morning walk, take a moment to notice the sky. Think about how many people have looked up at that same sky and felt overwhelmed by its beauty, or felt small compared to its vastness.

You may not be aware of it all the time, but it’s always there, above you as if protecting you from the sun and keeping you cool when the weather gets hot. The sky is always there with its endless blue that reminds us of how much bigger than us our world is. It’s a reminder that we are not alone in this world and that we have so much to be grateful for!

Fresh air

Be grateful for the fresh morning air!

The cool breeze on my skin and the sun just beginning to peek over the horizon puts you in a peaceful state of mind; it’s like a mini-vacation without actually having to go anywhere. Being outside, and taking in deep breaths of pure air is an invigorating experience that never gets old.

Your senses

Be grateful for the senses that let you enjoy the world around us.

To start, think of the sense of smell. When you’re walking along a path, take in all the scents around you as well as any perfumes or colognes others are wearing. Try counting how many different smells there are and then go back later when someone asks what happened on your walk and tell them about the smells.

Try listening for sounds and noticing if there’s an echo in this part or if dogs bark differently at one end or another of town.

The Earth

Be grateful for the solid earth that you walk on.

No wonder many ancient cultures refer to earth as a mother, for she is indeed the foundation of our existence—and a great place to walk! Remember that you are connected to this earth and all of her creatures—including those that live underground. Look down and around and notice insects and worms, birds and squirrels! All sustained by mother earth! So nurturing so forgiving and so generous!

Your feet

Be grateful for your feet that take you on all your journeys big and small.

As you walk, be grateful for how far your feet take you every day and how they support you all day long!

Your feet are an amazing part of you, and they deserve gratitude. Feel how your feet connect with the ground as you walk, and be grateful for the strength of this connection. Notice that even though your feet are on different surfaces—hardwood flooring, grass or dirt, concrete sidewalks, or asphalt streets—they are still connected to mother earth in a beautiful way.


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Be grateful for the Sun! Let Sunlight be one of the 10 things you are grateful for in your morning walks!

The Sun is a powerful energy source that brings warmth and light to life on earth. Feel the warmth of the Sun on your skin, notice how it helps plants grow and how its energy charges up batteries. Notice all the ways sunlight helps you every day— it’s not just a source of heat and light, it’s also a source of beauty. Be grateful for the Sun and all that it does for you!

No wonder Sunlight is one of the 10 things your

 A breeze or the wind on your face and in your hair

Be grateful that the cool( or warm) breeze or the wind on your face and in your hair

The wind is the essence of life. It’s refreshing, cooling, energizing, and calming all at once. Wind invigorates the body and mind with each breeze that passes through your hair. You’ve never felt so relaxed in all your life!

Colors of Nature

Be grateful for all the colors of nature.

The green grass, white daises, blue sky, red roses, yellow buttercups, and purple lilacs. All beautiful and inspiring. The colors of nature are amazing and awe-inspiring. The world would be a much duller place without them!


Be grateful for birds and their beautiful songs.

The crisp sound of birds chirping is so soothing and relaxing, you can’t help but feel happy when you hear them sing!

The company of other walkers, their smiles, and their nods

Be grateful for fellow walkers! Let those who walk with you (maybe not beside you!) be one of the 10 things you are grateful for in your morning walks!

During your morning walk, try to be thankful for the other people around you. You all shared the goal of getting fit, enjoying the scenery, and having some time to yourself.

You may not know them but you can be grateful for their presence and the fact that just like you they are on their journey to nowhere.

Be open and grateful for those that you share the morning walk experience with you!


Walking is an activity that many of us do every day, but we rarely think about it. There are so many benefits to walking and they all start with gratitude. In this article, we’ve listed just 10 things you can be grateful for in your morning walks. Whether you take a walk around the block or walk from city to city, there are always new things to see and appreciate along the way.

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