Christmas is here. Get Decorating!!

by preeti razdan


Decorating for Christmas shouldn't be boring. Of course it all starts with a Christmas Tree. Don't go out and just buy a bunch of random ornaments. Curate a meaningful holiday Tree that reflects your personality. You’ll definitely want to start with some great, colorful or white lights. It will make your tree feel really festive, especially at night. Then think about adding some garland of beads or something glittery. Star on Top is a timeless classic. Find some ornaments that really speak to your personality and that you feel good about. If creativity strikes and time allows make your own ornaments. You can find tutorials online to make easy personalized ornaments that are you in every way. And don't just stop there. Bring holiday cheer home by decorating your living spaces. You can add some extremely comfortable tosses to your couch or some extraordinary toss pads.

Add stuff to your shelf, yet consider including a lot of metal deer or a snow globe, something that isn't so traditional yet progressively a festival of winter.
Add a wreath to your front entryway, however don't do the conventional evergreen. Consider utilizing an eucalyptus wreath or an olive-branch wreath—something that will look unique and all your own!. I know you will rock it!

Good Luck!


Happy Holidays!
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