Yoga, a fascinating practice

by preeti razdan
Yoga, a Fascinating Practice . Picture from Unsplash

Yoga, a fascinating practice

Back When we had 24 Hour Fitness, I went to a yoga class on Thursday mornings. One Thursday our instructor showed us the method of opening Chakras. She said it was okay if anyone there didn’t want to open their Chakras but I didn’t notice anyone not doing it. We closed one nostril and took a deep breath through the other nostril, back and forth, while staying relaxed.

The following Friday night, my husband and I were coming home from San Francisco and having a silly fight. As we drove into the carport I saw a woman I had never seen before. My first thought was “is she a new neighbor?”. She was wearing a pretty dress, white with a colorful floral pattern. I wondered if she owned a vintage clothing store. I was still holding my end of the silly argument until suddenly she looked right at me, looking very surprised, and disappeared feet first!

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